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Tips To Help With Senior Depression During the Holidays

Holiday depression for seniors can be a sad and trying time of the year, especially if a spouse has died, family is far away, or they have lost friends and social connections. Long-standing holiday traditions can seem abandoned or gone bringing feelings of loneliness, depression and isolation.

It's important to support seniors to help them combat holiday depression symptoms. Here are a few tips to help seniors with depression during the holidays:

  1. Help create new traditions that they can participate in.

  2. Talking and reminiscing about past holiday seasons and traditions with family and friends can help seniors "reconnect."

  3. Physical activity and staying active can improve mood.

  4. Volunteering and connecting with others can enhance a feeling of community and fellowship.

  5. Accept help when others offer it and ask for help when you need it. It makes other people feel good to help.

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