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Stress: What is it & How to Manage it

Types of Stress: Eustress vs Distress – good stress and bad stress

Eustress is good stress - i.e. - going on vacation, buying a new house, etc.

Distress is bad stress - i.e. - losing a job or income, poor health, worry, etc.

Acute Stress:

· Most common type of stress – often considered short term stress

· Has 3 emotions – emotional stress – anger, irritability and depression

Causes muscular tension, tension headaches, back pain, jaw pain, stomach/gut/bowel issues

Episodic Acute Stress:

Acute stress over a period of time and duration becomes episodic acute stress

Chronic Stress:

Acute stress that increases in time and frequency is considered chronic stress

Chronic stress will cause your health to suffer and:

· Raise cortisol levels

· Compromise immune system and lower resistance

· Excessive sugar produced by the liver

· Heart works harder elevating the risk for hypertension

· Headaches

Burnout and Compassion Fatigue:

Signs and Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue

· Exhaustion

· Reduced ability to feel sympathy and empathy

· Anger and irritability

· Increased use of alcohol or drugs

· Diminished sense of enjoyment of career

· Disruption to world view such as heightened anxiety or irrational fears

· Intrusive imagery or dissociation

· Emotional hypersensitivity or insensitivity

· Difficulty separating work life from personal life – poor boundaries

· Absenteeism – missing work, taking many sick days

· Impaired ability to make decisions for self/clients/patients

· Problems with intimacy and personal relationships

Stress Management Techniques:

· Nutrition – healthy choices

· Hydration

· Restorative sleep

· Exercise/walk

· Organization for clarity

· Positive reframing

· Breathe – relaxation techniques

· Unplug electronics

· Lifestyle changes

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