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Reduce Your Risk For Falls - What is a Home Safety Check Assessment?

One in four older adults fall every year and your safety is the key issue. Most falls can be avoided with fall risk management. Having a safety assessment of your home may help you determine what is best for you to remain safe and independent in your own home. Comforcare can offer free home safety checks and fall risk assessments to help identify factors that could lead to a fall and suggest interventions to family and caregivers to improve your independence and well-being.

Know your risk factors: common causes of falls among older adults

  • Frequent falls/fear of falling

  • Balance issues/poor mobility and gait

  • Deteriorating eyesight or hearing

  • Hoarding or piled up papers, bills, clothes

  • Deterioration in your ability to shower or bathe

  • Trouble keeping up with housework

  • Home hazards

  • Reduced muscle strength

  • Medication use

  • Cognitive impairment

  • Sensory deficits

  • Poor reaction times

  • Limitations in mobility and undertaking activities of daily living (ADL's)

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