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Personal Reflections and Appreciation

As this year ends and the new year begins soon I would like to share some personal reflections.

This year was quite difficult following the previous year with covid-19 and isolation and lock downs. Unable to visit face to face clients and potential clients, referral sources, doctors, hospitals, networking groups and facilities, and not able to hug or receive hugs, I found myself often reflecting on my life.

I am a people person and enjoy meeting and spending time with others. My work position allows me to make connections and help people. When someone allows you into their life it's a meaningful connection. Life stories are shared and families invite you into their circle.

Human connection is vital and important to growth and aging. I have learned that difficult times and challenges call on us to do our best under pressure. Adapting and coping to change makes us stronger and more vibrant. Battle scars build character and strength. I leave this year with hope for the future and will enter the new year with greater resolve to make a difference.

With gratitude and appreciation:

  • Thank you to my wonderful referral sources. You are a valuable bridge and connection to helping our seniors in their time of need. I sincerely appreciate the time you spend with me and sharing resources.

  • Thank you to my awesome boss and office mates who I truly enjoy working with as a strong, supportive and cohesive team.

  • With gratitude and appreciation to our valued clients. Spending time with you enriches my life both personally and professionally. I truly enjoy working with you and feel honored to be your chosen home care agency. We will do our very best to continue to meet your home care needs.

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