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News Update: Alzheimer’s pre-trial underway locally in South Florida and at sites across the country

Reported by WPLG Local 10 News, March 2022 by Kathleen Corso and Kristi Krueger

A pre-clinical trial involving Alzheimer’s disease is underway in South Florida and at sites across the country.

Participants are being recruited for the study that utilizes a blood test that can detect a biomarker for Alzheimer’s years before the disease is diagnosed.

“An ideal candidate would be someone who has a family member who suffers from Alzheimer’s, whether it be a parent or sibling, that has that history but is healthy hasn’t shown any signs of cognitive issues,” said Maria Garcia, a patient educator for Care Access. Those who test positive for the biomarker have the option to take part in a double-blind study involving a medication that could slow or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

To learn more about participating go to

Studies have shown that women are at greater risk for Alzheimer’s disease, and while researchers continue to investigate the reasons why, Dr. Jessica Caldwell with the Cleveland Clinic said women need to know what to look out for.


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