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News: New Alzheimer's Diagnoses More Common Among Seniors Who Have Had Covid-19, Study Finds

CNN Health published 9/19/22 by Deidre McPhillips

According to a CNN health report, "A recent study of more than 6 million people 65 and older found that seniors who had Covid-10 had a substantially higher risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease within a year.

The study does not show that Covid-19 causes Alzheimer's, but it adds to the growing body of research drawing links between coronavirus infection and cognitive function. A Covid-19 infection could cause inflammation that may exacerbate changes that are already happening in the brain, experts say.

The pandemic presented serious delays for individuals seeking out medical diagnoses like Alzheimer's, meaning these results could be driven by those who already had Alzheimer's when they were infected but had not yet sought out a formal diagnosis."

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