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Medicare Home Care vs. Private Duty Care - Helpful Information

There is a lot of confusion about Medicare Home Care and Private Duty Care. Here is some helpful information. Medicare home care requires a medical need. Private duty care is non-medical care.

  1. Medicare - doctor order required. Private duty care - no doctor order required.

  2. Medicare - insurance accepted Medicare/HMO. Private duty care - long term care insurance, private pay, worker's comp, veterans benefits, some Medicaid waiver.

  3. Medicare - length of service is 30-60 days. Private duty care - unlimited.

  4. Medicare - type of skill - RN, PT/OT. infusion, wound care. Private duty - certified nursing assistants (CNA), home health aides (HHA), to provide personal care.

  5. Medicare - personal care - maximum 2 hour bath visit 3x a week. Private duty - up to 24 hour care with bathing, dressing, incontinent care, prepare food, feeding, transfers, walking, supervision, chronic disease management.

  6. Medicare - no transportation for errands. Private duty - transportation provided for errands, appointments, doctor visits.

  7. Medicare - no daily medication assistance. Private duty - daily medication assistance.

  8. Medicare - no hospital sitting. Private duty - hospital sitting.

  9. Medicare - no light housekeeping. Private duty - light housekeeping, straightening up, doing dishes, laundry, change bed linens.

  10. Medicare - no Alzheimer's care. Private duty - Alzheimer's and dementia care.

  11. Medicare - no companionship. Private duty - companionship.

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