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Is it Time For Home Care?

6 Signs It's Time For Private Duty Home Care

It's not unusual for our office to receive calls from concerned family members asking about private duty care "in case their loved one needs help in the future." Often, they reply they are not ready yet for someone to come into the home and help but they would like information.

Here are 6 signs that it's time to introduce home care for your elderly parent.

  1. Showing signs of cognitive issues - they are forgetting to eat and losing weight, not paying bills, seem confused.

  2. Showing signs of mobility issues - difficulties walking, getting out of bed, falling, transferring from chair to sofa, difficulty getting around.

  3. Poor personal hygiene - lack of personal hygiene, not bathing or showering, body odor, unkempt hair or clothing, unkempt appearance.

  4. Poor housekeeping - sloppy unclean housekeeping, spoiled or rotten food in the refrigerator, dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen, dirty laundry laying around.

  5. Medication compliance - forgetting to take prescribed medication, taking the wrong dosage of medication, not re-filling prescriptions.

Private duty care can provide safe and compassionate care your elderly parent needs to remain independent at home.

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