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Is Aging at Home the Best Choice for Seniors? 10 Reasons to Keep Aging Parents at Home

According to AARP 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age. Our main goal is to keep elderly loved ones happy, independent and safe. Staying in their own home for as long as possible can lead to a less stressful life for aging parents and loved ones.

10 Reasons to keep your elderly loved ones at home:

  1. Home is familiar and comforting preventing stressful life changes or moves.

  2. Creating a certainty (staying at home) can reduce levels of fear.

  3. Keeping neighbors, pets and community support is important.

  4. More in-home resources/options are now available; food delivery, private duty care/caregivers, technology products, transportation such as Uber/Lyft.

  5. Financials - living at home with private duty care can be much less than a nursing facility.

  6. Living at home is a safer environment preventing elder abuse and neglect.

  7. Aging at home reinforces a sense of independence offering a familiar setting and routines.

  8. Reduces stress levels between elderly parents and family.

  9. Home is a healthier and safer environment promoting better outcomes - quality of life emotionally and medically.

  10. Seniors enjoy a sense of independence with in-home private duty care and caregivers providing 1-1 care.

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