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How to Choose a Home Care Agency: Helpful Tips

Choosing a home care agency can be confusing when you need in-home care for your loved one or aging parent. Before making a final decision consider these helpful tips.

  1. Determine and identify your care needs - for example; if your loved one has Alzheimer's or dementia does the agency have training and expertise in that field. Do you need errands and transportation, personal care, long term care, companionship, etc.

  2. Is the home care agency licensed and bonded.

  3. Are caregivers trained and background checked.

  4. How does the agency handle health changes and the level of care.

  5. How does the agency communicate with family caregivers.

  6. How does the agency deal with emergency calls after hours.

  7. What is the agency cost and billing practices.

  8. Does the agency accept long term care insurance.

  9. Does the agency have a set of minimum hourly requirements for home visits.

  10. Asking specific questions can help you determine if that agency meets your needs and feels like a good match.

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