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Hospital Stays & Discharge Easier for Dementia Patients

Transition of Care is important for patients being discharged home from the hospital.

Patients with dementia require a unique treatment approach and are at high risk for delirium. The negative impacts of hospitalization can be minimized by considering private duty care during hospitalization and upon discharge to home.

Comforcare Solutions with DementiaWise:

1. Supplemental staffing work with hospital team in maintaining safety

and care.

2. Private pay services - family can hire our agency and provide help in the

hospital and at home.

3. Comforcare takes a community-based approach to coordinating services

and supports clients with discharge instructions and provides transportation

for a smooth transition home.

4. Our DementiaWise program offers customized care plans to address the

unique needs of individuals with dementia allowing them to remain safely

at home with essential services they require.

**DementiaWise is recognized by the Alzheimer's Association for incorporating

evidence-based DementiaCare Practice Recommendations**

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