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Happy July 4th - Independence Day How Can Private Duty Care Promote Independence?

All of us at Comforcare wish you and your families a safe and happy July 4th.

While aging can sometimes make independent living difficult, in-home caregivers can help seniors maintain independence in their own homes. Independence is important to the physical and well being of older adults.

Reasons for Independence:

  1. Encourages them to do as much as able

  2. Encourages involvement in their own decision making

  3. Encourages activity

  4. Encourages empowerment

  5. Encourages freedom to choose what/how/when to eat, bathe, have visitors, go out

If you would like to explore how private duty in-home care can help your loved one safely maintain MAXIMUM independence please feel free to contact us at Comforcare.

Stay safe this holiday!

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