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End of Life Care - Webinar

Please join us for a FREE webinar on end of life care.

We are proud to offer a monthly virtual webinar skills training called: Staying Connected. You’ll get a chance to build your skills while connecting with fellow caregivers from across the country!

On Wednesday, October 27 from 4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST two guest speakers from the nation's leading hospice provider, Amedisys, will bring their knowledge and expertise to the session: End of Life Care.

Caregivers who support an individual on hospice service can be both rewarding and emotionally challenging. Many caregivers are put into the role of assisting with a client on hospice, but aren't always provided formal training that can provide strategy on being 'in-the-moment' and also effective self-care techniques are useful as you too experience grief often associated with loss.

The October 27 Staying Connected webinar series is for caregivers to gain a better understanding of the active dying process (varying ways in which this presents itself) and how to be the best supportive and comforting caregiver. Caregivers will also be provided simple strategies for self-care to ensure you feel supported too and can be applied in a current or future situation.

Please join us on Wednesday, October 27 from 4 - 4:30pm EST.

Registration is easy, please click here:

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