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Emergency & Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP) of Miami-Dade

Important information for residents of Miami-Dade County

The Emergency & Evacuation Assistance Program of Miami Dade (EEAP) helps residents of Miami Dade in the event of emergencies. EEAP offers special needs transportation (MUST come with a caregiver), safe shelter, medical monitoring, and wellness checks after an emergency.

To qualify residents must enroll and meet the following:

1. Enroll now (not before an impending storm) at

2. Needs specialized transportation

3. Homebound without support or bed bound

4. Have medical needs preventing evacuation on your own

5. Need life sustaining medical equipment requiring electricity

6. Being bed bound

Residents living in LTC (Long Term Care) facilities do not qualify as they are required to have their own emergency management/evacuation programs.

Residents can enroll online or print out a hard copy from the website to mail. Once enrolled it is lifetime membership. During an emergency clients are called to schedule a pick up time for special needs transportation. Residents must bring their own meds, PPE, etc.

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