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Early Stages of Dementia & Applying Therapeutic Activities

Early stages of dementia: some clients/patients will have difficulty understanding humor, fast talking, following complex directions, difficulties with topics, concentration, and auditory processing.

Help to reduce stress and help keep the problem-solving brain active and boost confidence. Pay attention to their level of enjoyment and focus on enjoyment not achievement.

Helpful activities:

  • What is the missing piece of information

  • Sort items or photos by category

  • Watch a show together and stop at intervals for question/answer. main characters, describing situations and outcome prediction

  • Bake or prepare something together

  • Fold towels, dry dishes and/or other chores together

  • Read in large print together

  • Try word games or puzzles

  • Try computer games

  • Bingo

  • Shuffling cards and separating them by color or suit/images

  • Social activities - dancing, chair exercises, swimming, art activity such as making a memory box, painting, collage, gardening or planting flowers, walking

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