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Do Drug Coupons Really Work: How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

Medication can be expensive, even when you have health insurance. Pharmacy discount coupons, like the ones you'll find on, can save you up to 80% off the cash price of a prescription (cash prices - the price you pay when insurance benefits are not applied - vary widely, even within a neighborhood).

According to a google search - the BEST PRESCRIPTION DISCOUNT CARDS FOR 2021 are:

  1. Best overall - GoodRx

  2. Best Discounts - ScriptSave WellRx

  3. Best for Brand-Name Drugs - InsideRx

  4. Best for Local Pharmacies - America's Pharmacy

  5. Best Integrated Solution - Blink Health

  6. Best Discount You May Already Have - Amazon Pharmacy


  1. Ask your doctor for samples.

  2. Ask your doctor for discount coupons.

  3. Check drug companies for discounts.

  4. Comparison shop pharmacies.

  5. Check other programs that can help such as Partnership for Prescription Assistance.

Comforcare Home Care offers a Personalized Medication Management Program to help seniors and families enjoy a peace of mind managing medications in the home.

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