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Covid-19 Scams and the Elderly

Beware of Robocalls, Texts, and Emails Promising Corona Virus Cures or Stimulus Payments!

According to AARP - "The FTC and Justice Department issued an alert about phishing texts and phone calls that are supposedly from contact tracers, warning that you've been exposed to someone with COVID-19. The scam texts include a link that, if clicked, downloads malware to your device. (MESSAGES FROM ACTUAL CONTACT TRACERS WORKING FOR PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES WILL NOT INCLUDE A LINK, OR ASK YOU FOR MONEY OR PERSONAL DATA)."

What are some of the COVID-19 scams targeting seniors?

  1. Offering home test kits for Covid-19.

  2. Insurance scams offering low cost life insurance with free gifts.

  3. Impersonating the Social Security Administration to tell them their benefits will be decreased or suspended due to COVID-19 unless they provide personal information or payment.

  4. Stimulus related scams offering loans and payment and asking for personal banking information.

  5. Bogus COVID-19 related services such as fake drugs, devices and products that offer a cure.

  6. Charity scams asking for donations.

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