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ComForCare Home Care Makes Hospital Stays and Discharge Easier for Patients with Dementia

Home Care Makes Hospital Stays and Discharge Easier for One in 10 people (10%) age 65 and older has Alzheimer’s dementia. (2020, Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures,Alzheimer’s Association) More than 50% of hospital patients with pre-existing dementia will experience delirium, which is often missed due to confusion with their dementia.¹ Patients with dementia require a unique treatment approach and are at high risk for delirium.² The negative impacts of hospitalization can be minimized by considering:³ Providing private rooms and limiting time in the emergency room Orienting patients to the environment and engaging in therapeutic activities when able Ensuring staff members are aware of a patient’s dementia Understanding that patient agitation may be the result of uncommunicated pain Promoting good sleep and encouraging families to bring familiar objects Working with ComForCare for supplemental staffing and sitter services 1 2 Fick, D. M., Agostini, J. V., & Inouye,S. K. (2002). Delirium superimposed on dementia: A systematic review. Malden, MA] : doi:10.1046/j.1532-5415.2002.50468.x 3

ComForCare Solutions ComForCare’s DementiaWise® services use evidence-based behavioral interventions to support the unique needs of those living with dementia. We can support your hospital through: Supplemental Staffing. Our skilled direct care staff members work to support your medical team in maintaining patient safety and care. Private Pay Services. Family can hire our agency to ease the stress of a loved one’s hospitalization. Services can be provided in the hospital and at home. Care Coordination. ComForCare takes a community-based approach to coordinating services and supports clients in complying with discharge instructions. We can even provide transportation for a smooth transition home. Home Care. Our customized care plans address the unique needs of individuals with dementia, allowing them to remain safely at home with the essential services they require. Proven Results DementiaWise® is recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association® for incorporating evidence-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations. The program optimizes abilities, thus enhancing quality of life and maintaining as much independence as possible. With this care: Clients can safely and contentedly remain at home through all stages of dementia. Engagement with remaining abilities remains high. Boredom is reduced through our meaningful activities program. Clients are more peaceful and accepting of care, often within the first hour. Customized Services for Safety and Continued Independence

Personal hygiene and care Nutritious meal preparation Safety Supervision Meaningful activities

Experience the ComForCare Home Care DementiaWise® program today!

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