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Advantages of Private Duty Care at Home

There are many benefits to receiving care at home for the elderly.

COMFORTS OF HOME - our home is our comfort zone. It's what we know so well being surrounded by the things we love and cherish. It's comfort. It's security. It's safety. It's home.

MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS - caregivers offer companionship for many elderly who are living alone and isolated. Caregivers keep seniors active by improving brain functioning and increasing their mental health well being.

SAFETY - private duty caregivers offer assistance/supervision in transferring from bed to walker or bed to chair or bathroom to help prevent falls or accidents.

PERSONAL CARE - based on individual need, help with bathing, dressing, feeding and meal preparation to maintain healthy hygiene.

MEDICATION REMINDERS - caregivers make sure all medication is taken properly and report any side effects.

PROPER NUTRITION - good nutrition is important. Caregivers can help grocery shop, prepare and serve meals to make sure seniors are getting the proper nutrition to maintain good health.

AROUND THE CLOCK SUPERVISION - if a loved one needs 24 hour care, or family caregivers need to take time off for vacation or respite, private duty home care is available.

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