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12 Tools for Effective Dementia Care

If you are having difficulty connecting with a loved refusing your help check to see if these 12 tools help:

  1. Use warm open body language and tone of voice and facial expressions

  2. Use positive emotions by making a warm connection

  3. Listen carefully never argue, affirm feelings and redirect

  4. Someone with dementia cannot be in your reality, you need to be in their reality

  5. Be creative and think outside the box for solutions to a problem

  6. Effective communication is two ways, slow down and use hand gestures

  7. Hurry can be stressful for your loved one, slow down and be together in the moment, be simple

  8. Show respect and let your loved one make choices and teach you

  9. To preserve abilities do productive tasks together

  10. Use sensory, cognitive, social and artistic stimulation

  11. Make changes in the home that help facilitate independent living

  12. Provide meaningful activities, provide assistance and encouragement

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