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10 Signs of Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver burnout can occur while taking care of a loved one who is frail, elderly, disabled, chronically sick, etc. Coping with a loved one's illness can involve dealing with financial pressures, changes in family dynamics and a disruption in family life. Unrelieved chronic stress can cause caregiver burnout.

Protect yourself from caregiver burnout.

10 warning signs include:

  1. Overwhelming fatigue and lack of energy

  2. Anxiety

  3. Unrelenting stress disrupting daily functioning

  4. Depression or mood swings

  5. Becoming argumentative/irritable/impatient with your loved one

  6. Difficulty coping with everyday things

  7. Headaches, stomach aches or other physical symptoms

  8. Changes in eating habits

  9. Sleep problems

  10. Feeling like caregiving is controlling your life

Self-care, stress management and awareness are important to manage or control caregiver burnout.

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